Rory Dobson

I am currently working as a Full Stack Developer for, working in React.js and Node.js.

Computer Science fourth year, studying artificial intelligence, lambda calculus, software engineering and data structures and algorithms. During third year I worked on several projects, including a smart home application using PHP, and an automated planner using PDDL. I have studied numerous computing languages, with strong skills in Java, C, PHP, Javascript, and more.

I achieved straight A's in all of my third year courses, and am always looking for the next opportunity.
Full Stack Developer at
I am currently working as a full stack developer for the fintech/proptech B2C startup I have been creating dynamic content in React.js and Node.js with the idea of providing a simple, one-stop shop for users trying to sell their own property.
Technology Intern at Bright Network
I completed a virtual internship in technology with Bright Network. It consisted of seminars from leading technology companies, including Google, Amazon and Bloomberg, a real-world project, and the opportunity to network with like-minded people.
Project Manager of App Development Team
Winner of the Scottish Digital Skills Partnership Curriculum Project.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Using my Teaching Young Learners training, I taught English at two schools in Cambodia.
Marshal at Gravity Trampoline Park
At Gravity my main role was to supervise those using the trampoline park and the rock wall.
Kitchen Porter at Goodbrand & Ross
As a kitchen porter I would wait on tables, work the tills and restock shelves.
Computer Science at Heriot Watt
Computer Science third year, currently studying Language Processors, lambda calculus, software engineering and operating systems. During third year I have worked on several projects, including both the front and back-end of a smart home application, an artificially intelligent tic-tac-toe bot, and an image encoder/decoder in C. I have achieved straight A’s in third year, and I am working hard to achieve a first class degree.
Actuarial Science at Heriot Watt
Actuarial Science first year, studying statistics, economics, finance and calculus.
Alford Academy
Grade A in Higher Mathematics, Graphic Communication, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Music, and Nat5 English.
Technical Skills
Software Applications
Visual Studio
Microsoft Suite
Programming Languages
Operating Systems
Other Skills
As the project manager of an app development team I gained extensive organisational, planning, decision making and delegation skills. I can work well under pressure and I am good at encouraging a team to meet a deadline.
I have strong communication skills and I am a good listener. Working in customer service since the age of fourteen has helped me develop excellent verbal skills. Having studied Graphic Communications, I am also proficient in communicating through different mediums. In addition, I learned how to adapt my communication methods during my time spent teaching English in Cambodia, as I had to make myself understood over a wide language barrier.
Problem Solving
I have an aptitude for mathematics and logic which has helped to hone my problem-solving skills. This is an important requirement within any project, as it is necessary to have the ability to debug, adapt to changing circumstances or requirements, and learn new techniques quickly. Problem solving has been a major factor while undertaking university projects, including my work on a smart home app, an automated planner in PDDL, and other apps using Agile techniques.
Personal Interests
Voluntary Work
I taught a primary school football team for a year and a half, earning my 100-hour Saltire award. While in Cambodia, as well as teaching English, I helped construct a new school, and in 2015 I went to Zambia and helped build a house for a local family.
I enjoy running, tennis and squash. I am a keen snowboarder and have boarded both in Scotland and abroad. I have recently started rock climbing, and generally like to stay fit and healthy.
I play the guitar and the ukulele. I also sing and have performed gigs for events at my previous job and at my secondary school.
Smart Home App
With a team of 6 people in a university project, we created an application that allows for the control of smart devices within the home. It is possible to set timers, review statistics of the home, and toggle individual devices, whole rooms, or the entire house.

Test account details:

Mental Health App
As a summer project, I have been experimenting with different themes and layouts to increase user experience. The project has taken the shape of a mental health app that is designed to help people through panic attacks, lower heart rate using breathing exercises and give access to calming, natural soundscapes.

Current working features:
•  Login page
•  Registration
•  Butterfly style home page navigation
•  Slide out menu
•  Loading icon before page load
•  Account page displaying database details
•  Update account function
•  Delete account function
•  Massively re-formatted to make reuse and maintenance of items easier
•  Salt and pepper password security
•  Sanitized inputs to prevent XSS
•  Prepared statements to prevent SQL injections

N.B. This is a work in progress and only recently started

Test account details:

Covid Stats
Quick, 2 hour project in React.js that pulls information from the covid19 API and displays them by country. A search feature has also been included.

Myths Website
Small, fun website I've been working on to practice themes, styles and fonts. I hope to be able to use this as a template for other sites I create as it is fresh and stylish. I intend to add more myths soon.

N.B. This is a work in progress and only recently started

Maze Game
Small game I've been playing around with, the aim is to get through the maze using a series of buttons.

N.B. Works best on Chrome or Firefox

Company Website
In order to represent the software development company that created the Bubble app as a university project, I created a website to give an overview of the company, an insight into the projects we have worked on, information on how to contact us and an in-depth look into each member of the team. Special care was taken over this website to make it accessible to people with all types of colour blindness.

Automated Planning
Knowledge representation and automated planning. I created a system, designed to a specification, that could plan space travel for ships searching for plasma in nebulas, avoiding asteroid belts, landing and collecting resources from planets, and navigate around different star systems.

Tic-tac-toe Bot
Markov Decision Processes & Reinforcement Learning. Using value iteration and policy iteration, I created two bots that were unbeatable. This was a university project.

N.B. The majority of the code belongs to my University Professor, I added the algorithms that allowed the bots to perform properly.

Data Communications and Networking
A look into the different types of communication and types of networks, their efficiency and their ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

Image Encoder
A programme in C that takes PPM images and encodes secret messages using a key specified by the user. The same key can be used to decode the message hidden within the images. Project is mostly complete, there are, however, some issues with decoding.

Flight Planner
A programme in Java that pulls flight information for excel spreadsheets, and, using Djikstra's shortest path algorithm, calculates the flight with the shortest distance, the cheapest cost or the least number of stopovers based on the user's input of point A and B.

Archived Projects
An app designed to decrease the fee imposed by the airport pickup parking of an airport. Designed for the Digital Cirriculum Challenge. It was fully functioning and operaional, but unfortunately the server has been taken offline and the database erased.

Restaurant Website
Quick mockup of a website displaying the front page of a restaurant, very brief and abandoned.